Adult Salvador Dali Snubbed

Salvador Dali Snubbed

These works of Dali’s ended up in a small town’s bank near me. The owner of six works bought them for investment purposes. He is a prominent citizen in the community and offered 4 of the images to the bank, to be display on their second floor. The upper level of the two story building houses the Republican Party Headquarters in the county. They asked for one of the images to be removed because they claim to see an image of a vagina in it. It seems to bother them to view it and asked if it could be removed. I’m not sure if they have sexualized it or what… but…. I find this odd. I’m not sure if the bank honestly entertained the idea of removing it or not. It was still hanging my last visit to the bank.

My sister lives in Seattle and visited me in Texas last week. She was going to write about the request in her travel blog but decided people would just interpret it as Republican bashing. Personally, I don’t care whether if it is an elephant or a donkey complaining. I thought the world had decided in the 15th century that the human body was beautiful and could be displayed in an artistic manor. We seem to feel the need to revisit every issue over and over.

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  1. jwcj

    I have been dedicated to looking at female bodies for over 60 years now, and for the life of me I just don’t see the vagina those guys are talking about. Could it be that they are doing better drugs than the rest of us using campain money and that’s why they see it ??? haha

    May 04, 2013