"Art is making something out of nothing and selling it." - -- Frank Zappa







Mixed Media


Papillion (butterfly- French) a new take on circles.






  1. A gallery wrapped canvas.
  2. The paper used was from books that a friend of mine had given me several years back from our nation’s commercial artist’s works. I found out recently that the ad agencies have stopped making them since. The pages of the books were made out of especially heavy weight and bright paper to represent the artist well. I searched the books for colors that had small prints on it.
  3. A hole- puncher cut the circles that I used.
  4. I used texturing paste with acrylic paint to affix the circles to the canvas.
  5. A pair of tweezers to pick up each circle and put it where I wanted it.
  6. The mane is Sculpty Clay baked and painted with burnt sienna and rubbed with Gold paste. I glued it to the canvas surface with fabric glue.
  7. I finished with a Gloss Medium.


I don’t guess anybody could ever accuse me of being a lazy artist. The work placed third in Mixed Media at the BCAC Art Show. I sold it at The Possum Kingdom Show. The work was described as tiling with circles. By the way, is it possible to be involved with anything with the word possum attached and not be a redneck





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