Dinger and a Donger


Peal of Remembrance





Occasionally, an Impressionism exhibit will come for a time to the Kimbell or the DMA. I always enjoy viewing all the different styles of painters. I find viewing their work awe inspiring. If I ever feel stuck as an artist I visit the museums and get unstuck real fast. Believe it or not, I’ve had tears stream down my face standing before one of Monet’s water lily paintings. I’m such a sap when it comes to that man and his work.


Peal of Remembrance began with me wanting to do a modern take on pointillism.


  • · First, I searched for an image that would accommodate what I wanted to achieve. I settled on a photo of a bell that I had taken at a local cemetery. I enjoyed the composition and thought it would do well for what I was trying to achieve. This country gal had never seen a bell in a graveyard before so I decided to research it. Here in America they are mostly in military sites but in European countries they are more common.
  • · Second, I decided, I wanted the circle that I painted to be larger than what a traditional pointillism would be. I took a smudge stick and with a finger nail file smoothed the end into a flat circle. I couldn’t believe it never broke down during the entire painting.
  • · Third, I made the decision that I wanted the bell to have more substance than the trees and sky. I did an under painting of it with Ivory Black before I applied the circles to the bell.


This painting was shown at The Art Center of Waco and The Possum Kingdom Show.


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