Artist Moments

Artist Moments

Artist Moments

I've got to say, I was stunned when I came in first place in oils and acrylics this year at our art show. I know some artist would have you believe that they never have to work hard for their creations. They project their image as being magical creatures, and their creativity just washes over them.  Yes, I do understand the concept of right brain and left brain thinking when it comes to art. I agree there does come a time when you loose yourself in the work and that is when you are the most creative. There is a lot of information you need before that is sucessful and you have to know it well enough that it is second nature. But, come on folks, people who are not artist do this all the time when they are walking and chewing gum all at once. I too, occasionally like to take on the image of the magical creature, but don't you believe it. I've worked my behind off to accomplish what I can on a canvas.  

The top painting is of my grandson. Of course, it is not for sale, as I couldn't ever sale my baby. I titled it "Two Little Liars". First of all, I enjoyed the composition on this work because I created part of it. I did this image in watercolor, pastels and then finally oil. I worked very hard on this painting to acheive what I wanted to.

The bottom painting is called "Sunday Escape". This painting flowed out of me. I became magical and started talking and thinking artsy fartsy, got a big smile on my face while I painted. It conjured up images in my head of being at grandma's house after Sunday service. I watched her chase a chicken down to wring it's neck for dinner. I know this sort of thing is not acceptable in polite society anymore, but, it was at one time a very normal occurance.

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    hmmm, don’t know how I missed this, good work you’ve got going here
    btw my mom, aunts and grandmom were famous chicken neck ringers in their day

    January 14, 2013
  2. awesomeartbykyle

    I adore the puppet piece. It has charm and nostalgia in it. I know what you mean when you write how some people think that artists and the art they make are the product of some sort of magical genius or muse that enters into our being and allows us to just instantaneously spill out our works on paper or canvas. This is NOT how we operate. Art, like any other skill or endeavor, requires a process. It requires an understanding of various elements, principles, and laws of perspective. It requires an understanding of how colour works, whether that understanding is intuitive or well-founded. To create a a successful composition with a human figure requires knowledge of anatomy and proportion. And this is only the information aspect of creating art. The hard part comes when you use the knowledge you have and put paint to canvas— then that requires skill in execution, physical labour, patience, diligence, and differed gratification. I will go even further than you and say that art is a science. In my personal philosophy of art, I define the function of the visual artists as an individual who constructs stimuli in order to provoke a response from a viewer. To successfully do this in a way that is positive, entertaining, moving, beautiful, etc. is not governed by some chance projection of a ‘magical creature’— as if often perceived— but is, in fact, the product of a systematic process. (This is one of my pet peeves btw, lol)

    By the way, congratulations on winning. You obviously deserved it. The piece is fantastic.

    February 14, 2013
    1. buzzzing

      Very thought provoking response and thx for the kudos on my work. I shall friend you and keep up with your work.

      February 15, 2013